About The Industrial Revolution and its Inventors

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Who are these most significant inventors of the Industrial Revolution era?


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Thomas Edison and his workers patented 1,093 inventions.  Three of the most famous were the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture.

America's Story - Thomas Edison

Kid Cyber.com Thomas Edison

Samuel Morse - His invention of the telegraph increased the speed in which information could be transferred from one location to another. Also, he invented morse code.

Invent Now Hall of Fame - Samuel Morse

Inventive Genius - Samuel Morse

George Eastman - Invented an inexpensive box camera called the Kodak camera. 

The Great Idea Finder - George Eastman

Academic Kids - George Eastman

Charles Goodyear - The technique of using vulcanized rubber allowed rubber to have many more uses due to its ability to stand up to bad weather.

Invent Now Hall of Fame - Charles Goodyear

InfoPlease - Charles Goodyear

Nikola Tesla Is credit with three inventions: the a/c current, the radio, and fluorescent lighting.

Invent Now Hall of Fame - Nikola Tesla

Tesla Museum - Nikola Tesla

Alexander Graham Bell - The telephone invented by Bell allowed individuals to have phones.  Before, telephone businesses relied on the telegraph.

ATT - Alexander Graham Bell

Academic Kids - Alexander Graham Bell

Cyrus McCormick - Inventor of the mechanical reaper which made the harvesting of grain more efficient and faster.

Cyrus McCormick

Academic Kids - Cyrus McCormick

George Westinghouse - Westinghouse's two most important inventions were the transformer which allowed electricity to be sent over long distances and the air brake.

Invent Now - George Westinghouse

About.com - George Westinghouse

Richard Gatling - Inventor of the first machine gun.

About.com - Richard Gatling

Spartacus Educational - Richard Jordan Gatling

Isaac Singer - He and Elias Hower were involved with the invention of the sewing machine.

Inventor of the Week - Isaac Singer

Who Made America? - Isaac Singer

Choose an inventor

Look at the list of inventors on the left side of the page.  Select one about whom you wish to know more.
Click on the links to go to the webpage on the inventor.
Read the information on the inventor.
Take notes on your inventor.  Look for the information to go on your inventor's card.

List of Student and Inventor Chosen:
Lexi = Singer
Bayleigh = Bell
Sara Frances=Edison
Rachel =Goodyear

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
November 9, 2007