About The Industrial Revolution and its Inventors

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Class Bulletin Board

Here's your chance to show off your work...

Students and Parents...this is where we will be posting our completed assignments.  The Explorer Card will be posted here as well as our first person paragraph on our inventor.








Class Comments

What did you think about this activity?  Here is where each student in our class will be permitted to comment on this learning activity

Class Comments

Abbie: I like using Quia to study my vocabulary.
Auburn: I prefer using Quia instead of drill cards.
Bayleigh: I liked making the time line and watching the movie.
Jared:  I learned a lot about Gaitlin.
Lexi: I learned alot about Issac Singer.
Rachel: 100 feet is very long!
Sarah Francis: I liked all of the activities.
Sea: My favorite part of this activity was making the time line.

Any questions?  Please contact me at msilgals@tridentacademy.com

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
November 9, 2007