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About The Industrial Revolution and its Inventors

Welcome to our Trident Academy social studies class!

The Industrial Revolution occurred in the 19th century with the rise of industry in the textile mills.  Previously, the United States was an agricultural nation.  Industry, however became more important as new inventions changed the way goods were made, transported, and sold. 
Three major developments were responsible for the changes:  expansion of transportation, harnessing of electricity, and changes in industrial processes.  All these improvements were made possible by great American inventors. 
We will take a look at ten of these men who were considered the most significant during the 19th century.

Events and Announcements
Updated 11/9/07

Don't forget, to review your vocabulary words.  We will have a quiz Friday, October 26. You can review by using your drill cards or by using Quia. Click on the link below.

Industrial Revolution Vocabulary

Inventors Timeline - 1800-1899
Our class will be creating an inventors' timeline.  The time line will include inventions/inventors from 1800 to1899. Our time line will consist of hanging cards under the appropriate year on a long string.  Each card will have the inventor's name, invention, and year included on it.  Check back later on our class photo page to see how this project evolves.

Meet the Challenge! Section Review Question

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How did Eli Whitney's invention help industry grow?

It allowed factories to use mass production and enabled untrained workers to make products.

Write your answer in your journal. (Spiral Notebook)

Chapter Review
When this assignment is finished, you may want to use the chapter review on Quia (Rags to Riches).

Rags to Riches Chapter Review

In the News - Samuel Slater


Graphic and Sound from Microsoft Office 2007
"A British worker named Samuel Slater is said to have brought the Industrial Revolution to the United States.
 A British inventor had developed a new spinning machine that made large textile mills possible. Textile mills are factories in which fibers such as cotton and wool are woven into textiles, or cloth. 
Samuel Slater secretly memorized the spinning machine's design and left Britain.  In 1790 Slater Built a textile mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  This textile mill became America's first factory."  From our textbook Harcourt Brace Social Studies - United States in Modern Times

1790 - America's First
Factory is Built
1811 - Work Begins
on the National
1825 - Erie Canal is

Time Line

Living During the Industrial Revolution
ETV Streamline provides a wonderful video on the Industrial Revolution.  To view it, click on the link below.  Prior to watching the video, print out the pre-test and post-test available at the link below.
Print out the crossword puzzle to complete as homework.  The timeline activity may be completed for extra credit.

ETV Streamline


Pre-test and Post-test on video

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
November 9, 2007