Trident Academy


March 7-10, 2005

5th and 6th Graders

Monday, March 7th

MORNING--- Depart the school bound for Washington, D.C. There will be meal stops and rest breaks enroute.
AFTERNOON ---Arrive at the Arlington National Cemetery for a guided tour aboard the Tourmobile for public tour.
EVENING ---Dinner is included at the Old Country Buffet.
EVENING ---Arrive at the hotel for check-in. (571-203-0999).

Tuesday, March 8th

Deluxe continental breakfast is included.

MORNING ---Meet our guide for a historical tour of the city. During today's tour we will see sites such as Lafayette Square, Embassy Row, memorials and monuments.
MORNING ---Visit the White House. Visit the Capitol and our Senator from South Carolina.
LUNCH ---Lunch is included at the Old Post Pavilion.
AFTERNOON ---We have requested a tour at the National Cathedral for 1pm.
AFTERNOON ---Self-guided tours at the Holocaust Museum for the "Daniel Story" exhibit.
EVENING ---Arrive at souvenir city to purchase that special something that will help you remember this tour.
EVENING ---A dinner is planned at Magil's Pizza buffet - cost is included.

Wednesday, March 9th

Deluxe continental breakfast is included.

MORNING ---Arrive at the Ford Theatre to hear the ranger talk about the events that took place the evening President Abraham Lincoln was shot. We will walk across the street to the Petersen House where the president was taken and later died.
MORNING ---Spend time at the National Zoological Park.
LUNCH ---Lunch is included at McDonald's located at the Smithsonian.
AFTERNOON ---Arrive for 5pm showing of T-Rex at the National Museum of Natural History.
EVENING ---Dinner is included at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our driver will take us on an illuminated drive of the city following dinner.

Thursday, March 10th

Deluxe continental breakfast is included.

MORNING --- Our driver will take us to a few sites not seen before departing for home.
10:30am ---Depart for home.
9:00pm ---Is our estimated arrival back home.

What to Pack

    1. School dress code for boys and girls
    2. Dress comfortably for bus trip
    3. Sweat Shirt or sweater for bus
    4. 3-4 pairs of socks, underclothes, pajamas
    5. Poncho that can fold into small pouch
    6. 2 pairs of shoes in the event one gets wet in rain
    7. Toiletries
    8. 2-3 disposalbe cameras
    9. Journal or notebook, pencil
    10. Electronics for the bus trip - try to put names on them if possible or in ziplock bags with names on bags
    11. Pillows for trip.
    12. Small backpack for carrying cameras, ponchos, and journal
    13. Medicines students usually take for school - this is not a vacation they will need to pay attention to guides and chaperones

    No jeans are to be worn at any time
    No digital cameras

    Washington Project

    All students will turn in a picture journal of their trip to Washington. Disposable cameras are to be used to take pictures of many of the sites we will visit. Make sure your cameras have flash capability. We don't want pictures of other students, but something significant about the sight. Time will be given to journal about the sites we have seen that day. They will be asked to write a paragraph about that site and include it in their picture journal. A photo album is a perfect way to display this journal. All journals will be due on October 8. This will give them two weeks to complete the project. If you have any questions, see Mrs. McAbee.