Miscellaneous resources are in this case sources that do not fit into the eleven other categories. This Internet magazine on Dyslexia is a source of information I felt would be of interest, and therefore, should be included in this resource guide.

Dyslexia Online Magazine
  • Dyslexia Online Magazine
    Dyslexia Online Magazine is published by World of Dyslexia Ltd. The editor is John Bradford. According to the information provided on his web site, John Bradford has "over thirty years experience of working with children, teenagers, college students and dyslexic adults; he has worked as a lecturer in education, as a school principal/head teacher, and has been involved in advising, counselling and teaching dyslexic children and adults." All articles on his web site are copyrighted, but they may be printed out and photocopied for personal or professional use.

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    August 16, 2004
    Edited November 29, 2005