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For current information on graduation and college planning, please visit here often.

2005 Summer Opportunities

Several summer opportunities exist for students in 2005. Find out more about what is available at the following Web sites:

  • Teencollege Programs available for rising 6th through 12th grade students. Pre-med, Robotics, Animae, Public Speaking, Technology and more. Queens University, Charlotte, NC

  • South Carolina Summer Camps Programs offered range from golf, day spa, protocol and etiquette, music, computers, tennis, lacross, hockey and more.

  • Camden Military Academy Summer School and Camp, grades 6-12

  • ActionQuest Global service-learning programs for teens. Worldwide sailing and diving summer programs for teens.

  • Summerfuel College prep programs for high school students, summer residential and homestay programs

  • Hurricane Island Outward Bound Ascent Program Intervention services for families struggling with 14-17 year olds beginning to demonstrate negative behaviors.

  • SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized: Scuba diving, whitewater rafting, horesepacking.

  • Outward Bound North Carolina Hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, etc.

  • The George Washington University HEATH Resource Center - Summer Pre-college Programs

    The George Washington University HEATH Resource Center provides information on summer pre-college programs for students with learning disabilities. "This list is a resource for students with disabilities who are seeking ways to prepare for college and enhance college performance." Some programs are limited to those who are enrolled in the college; others are available to rising juniors or seniors who wish to experience college life and improve academic skills.
  • GWU Heath Resource Center

  • College Board SAT

    Students registering to take the SATs should obtain registration materials and register through Mrs. Howard. The College Board Web site provides information on the SAT including dates and deadlines. Registration to take the SAT may be completed on line, but it is important that students who are requesting accommodations, register through the guidance office. The Web site also provides sample test questions and helpful advice on preparing for college admission.
  • College Board

  • Kidsource Online - College Planning

    ERIC Clearinghouse on Handicapped and Gifted Children provides parents advice on planning college on this Web site. Helpful advice is given on college selection for students with learning disabilities.
  • College Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities.

  • LD Online - College Planning

    "More and more students with learning disabilities are enrolling in college and universities. And more and more institutions of higher education are offering support programs for students with learning disabilities. Here we've assembled information to assist in the planning and selection process, plus lots of advice on creating a successful postsecondary education experience." Read more...
  • LD Online.

  • The Council for Exceptional Children - High School to College Transition

    "Students with learning disabilities (LD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) approach the transition from high school to college with an array of learning strengths and needs. They need to understand their own abilities and guide their own transition planning by looking at various postsecondary options. If college is the path chosen, investigating postsecondary programs to find the right match is a crucial step." Read more...
  • Selecting a college for students with learning disabilities.

  • The Advocacy Institute - College Inclusion

    "During the last quarter century, the inclusion movement has had a profound effect on access to college for students with learning disabilities (LD). Federal law has required that students with disabilities be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)." Read more...
  • College Opportunities for Students With Learning Disabilities