Ms. Mary M. Silgals
Librarian/Assistive Technologist
Trident Academy
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Welcome, to my home page. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a 1975 graduate of the  University of Kentucky  in Lexington, Kentucky. I completed a certificate course in paralegal studies at Trident Technical College in 2002. I found law was interesting, but not my cup of tea. Instead, I decided to study a subject I had grown to love while doing volunteer work, and I enrolled in the MLIS program at USC. I received my Masters in Library and Information Science, August 2004 from  The College of Library and Information Science  at the University of South Carolina. In October 2007 I began a second masters program with Lesley University and earned my Masters in Education in Technology in August 2009.

I am the third librarian to hold the librarian position at  Trident Academy . My mentor and friend, Mrs. Terry Field, retired in May 2004 after fourteen years of service at Trident Academy. I have the privilege of working with the best professionally trained and dedicated teachers of children with learning disabilities at Trident Academy, located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

I enjoy working on web pages. I created a web directory of children's literature for children with learning disabilities as part of an assignment for one of my MLIS classes. My presentations and general information I store on the Internet can be found at my stuff.

My Family

  1. Jennifer Elizabeth Silgals - graduate of   St. John's College , Annapolis, Maryland. Working on Masters Degree in Social Work, University of South Carolina.
  2. Karl Robert "Rob" Silgals - graduate of   Curry College  , Milton, MA. Living in Taipei, Taiwan. Studying at Taipei Normal University, Mandarin Chinese.
Picture of ROB AND JEN
Switzerland June 2001

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