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Science Fair 2008

Mrs. Tami Smith and Ms. Bailey French, Trident Academy Science Teachers
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Welcome to Mrs. Smith's and Ms. French's Science Fair web page. This page is a one stop center for information students and parents will need for the 2008 Science Fair.

Science Fair Handouts

The following handouts have been sent home with the students. In case another copy is needed or a copy is lost, these may be reprinted from your computer.

    1. Letter to Parents: - January, 2008 - Letter
    2. Science Fair Guidelines: - Guidelines for submitting a project to the Trident Academy Science Fair - Guidelines
    4. Judging Criteria: - Judging criteria for judging the science projects. - Criteria
    5. SCISA State Science Fair Rules: - Important information on the SCISA rules for exhibiting, content, etc. - SCISA Rules
    6. Scientific Method Outline: - Outline for recording information that is needed to follow scientific method. - Outline
    8. Science Fair Calendar: - Time table for due dates - Calendar

Additional Helpful Information

Several web sites give helpful information and tips for successful science fairs. Always refer back to Mrs. Smith's and Ms. French's instructions and the SCISA guidelines before incorporating these ideas into your project.

    1. Science Fair Purpose: - Science fair benefits are given on this web page.Science Fair Prep
    3. Gathering Information: Gather information about your science fair topic from books, magazines, the Internet, people who are experts and businesses. Don't forget to check out your topic on Discus to see what is available from this resource. ID and Passwords are available from the librarian. Remember,this resource is accessible at home, also.Discus
    4. Scientific Method: - An excellent web site defines the scientific method. Scientific method
    5. Setting up the Experiment: - Step by step project stages.
    6. Recording Data: - Sample project log guidelines. Science Project Log and Science Project LogMHS Guidebook Science Project Log with excellent instruction on maintaining a log starting on page 6.
    7. Graphs and Charts: "Once you have collected your data you need a way to display the data in a meaningful way. This is where the use of charts and graphs comes in. This section gives hints on which graph or chart is the best for your data and gives examples of graphs." Science Internet
    8. Constructing an Exhibit or Display: - Discovery school's handbook on science fairs provides information on displaying the completed project. (From Janice VanCleave's Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects, Janice VanCleave (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997) Discovery School
    9. Writing a Report: - Information is given as to what a report should include.
    10. Presenting to Judges: Discovery school's handbook on science fairs provides information on for what the judges look. (From Janice VanCleave's Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects, Janice VanCleave (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997) Discovery School

Internet Resources

  • Science Fair Project Guidebook 2
  • "SC Department of Health and Environmental Control's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recyling and S.C. Energy Office"
  • "The Ultimate Science Fair Resource" for students
  • IPL: Science Fair Project Resource Guide
  • Internet Public Library - Links to a variety of helpful sites.
  • Exploratorium Learning
  • Helpful site with links to various science project aids
  • Science Fair Homepage Elementary Projects
  • List of Ideas for Elementary Students(4-6)
  • Scholastic Parent Guide
  • Spark Science Fair Success
  • Mankanto State University
  • Experimental Science Projects at an Introductory Level

    Library Resources

    The Trident Academy Library has several books on Science Fairs and science experiments. The resources are on reserve for Mrs. McAbee's students. Come by the library early for the best selection.

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