Science Fair Guidelines

These are the guidelines for submitting a project to the Trident Academy Science Fair

Projects must use the Scientific Method format below:

A. Scientific Method

    1. Purpose: A statement about what will be discovered during the experiment.

    2. Hypothesis: An educated guess presuming the outcome of the experiment follows the background research and definition of the problem. It should be written in the IF...then format.

    3. Materials: A complete list of everything used during the experiment including equipment, chemicals, organisms, etc.

    4. Procedure: Step-by-step instructions describing the entire experiment. Steps should be explained so that another person should be able to duplicate the experiment. Any changes should be added as an addendum to the procedure.

    5. Data Tables/Results: Observations of everything that happens during the experiment. Use metric measurements. Repetition (Repeated trials) provide convincing results. Final results and observations are displayed in the form of tables, graphs, and photographs/pictures/drawing.

    6. Conclusion: Written summary findings. Evaluate accuracy of hypothesis. Determine any extraneous variables. Note future changes. List applications and benefits to real-life situations.