Greece: A Collaborative Unit of Instruction

I have created this webpage to include all the assignments for my CLIS 741 collaborative unit. Feel free to view and use as you wish. Different browsers require different methods of opening files and returning to the website. After opening documents in Netscape, use your browser back button to return to the webpage. If you have problems opening a link in Internet Explorer, try right clicking on your mouse and selecting "open in new window." If you have any other problems accessing files, please feel free to e-mail me at

Website address: (

  • Class Description and Needs Assessment

    This is a description of one of the classes to which I targeted the collaboration unit.

  • Worksheet for Needs Assessment

    This is a worksheet I used to gather the information on the class for the class description and needs assessment assignment.

  • Instructional Outline and Standards Correlation

    This outline gives a better overall description of what the whole Greece unit consists and shows who is responsible for what parts of the unit.

  • Materials Preparation and Selection

    This paper gives more detail into the activities used in the unit along with materials that will be needed to conduct them.

  • Greece Unit Resources

    This is a bibliography of the reference materials that were pulled from the library collection to assist the teacher and students.

  • Greece Food Fest Menu

    This menu was prepared for the Greek Fest.

  • Greece Unit Handout for Onsite

    This is a summary of the Greece unit for onsite.

  • Student Worksheet for Class

    This is the worksheet the students used to gather introductory information on the unit from the CIA FactBook on the Internet website.

  • CIA Fact Book

    This is the website from which the students gathered information on Greece for their exercise.

  • Odyssey

    This is the website the students could browse after finishing their exercise worksheet.

    To listen to the Greek music, you must have a media player installed on your computer. This may or not work on either Internet Explorer or Netscape depending on whether your computer already has the media player installed.