Encyclopedias are often used to find general information on a particular subject. I have provided you with an Internet source that provides general information. In addition, the first source, Magill's, is a specialist encyclopedia that gives a more in depth coverage of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

"Hyperactive Children." Grolier Online. Vers. 3.0. July 2002. Encyclopedia Americana. Barry Garfinkel, MD.

"Education 9. Education of Exceptional Children." Grolier Online. Vers. 3.0. July 2002. Encyclopedia Americana. G. Orville Johnson and Melvyn L. Reich.

This electronic encyclopedia provides basic information on the topic such as the two entries given above. The "Hyperactive Children" article gives the reader information on the definition of hyperactive, characteristics, cause, incidences, and treatment. The "Exceptional" article has two entries within the article that give information on behavioral and learning disabilities and defines each characteristics. These electronic sources are a good introduction to the topic. Parents and students can find basic information on the subject from these articles.

Grolier provides three encyclopedias online: Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia, and The New Book Of Knowledge.

Suggested keywords for searching Encyclopedia Americana: hyperactive children and education of exceptional children.

Suggested keywords for searching Grolier Multimedia: hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, reading disability, learning disability.

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    Magill's Encyclopedia of Social Science: Pyschology. Vol.1. Nancy A Piotrowski, ed. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press. 2003. p. 183, p.550, p.902.

    Magill's Encyclopedia provides a general overview of topics that relate to learning disabilities. The information is arranged alphabetically by subject area. Sections under Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder include: an introduction to the topic, associated problems, drug therapies, diagnostic criteria for ADHD, behavior therapies, history and changing diagnostic criteria. There are also other sources given for further study. There are additional entries for learning disabilities and dyslexia. For additional information, appendices include a glossary, a bibliography, a Web directory, a mediagraphy of films and TV shows, and lists of organizations and support groups with contact information, pharmaceuticals, psychologists, notable court cases, and entries according to category. This source is excellent for a parent to read for basic information on the disorder. The information is provided in a clear, not too technical manner. School Library Journal recommends the encylopedia for 10th grade students and up.

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