Newsletters are becoming more e-based these days due to postal costs. The print copies I located on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder were very expensive. Instead, I opted to provide you with a free electronic source. The additional benefit of this source is the discussion board located on the website.


  • is an online community started in 1995 for parents with children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. The members help thousands of families looking for information on ADHD. There are approximately 500 new subscribers to the free e-newsletter each month. Links are provided to other ADHD websites. The latest news articles are posted on the website along with articles written by visiting authors and parents. The website provides a place for parents to participate in discussion boards with other parents of children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

    Created by Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
    April 6, 2004
    Edited August 13, 2004

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