Access to the Library Media Center/Use of the Library Media Center

Hours of Operation

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The LMC will be open one-half hour prior to first period Monday through Friday. The LMC will close one-half hour post final period. When school is not in session for students, the library will be closed. When school hours are shortened due to half-days, the library will close one half hour after students are dismissed. Exceptions to library hours include after school tutoring or supervised homework assistance by faculty. If possible, in the event the library is to be closed during school hours, a notice will be posted on the library door the day prior to closing.

Eastwood Middle School - An example of library hours and use

Park View Elementary - Example of extended hours

Use of the Library Media Center and Collection

The school library media center is available only for students, parents, and faculty of the school during the library’s hours of operation. Rules of conduct are to be followed as provided in the student manual.

Combined School and Public Libraries - Information on a combined library program

Homestead High School - Example of student rules

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Community Use

The school library collection is available only for students, parents, and faculty of the school during the library’s hours of operation. Students and faculty using the library during approved extended hours may sign out materials with a teacher’s assistance. Sign-out must be done on provided sign-out pad. A student is to write his/her first and last name legibly along with the book barcode number. Videos, laptops, reference books, and library equipment can only be approved for checkout by the librarian.

Pullallup School District - After school library use and form letter

Venus Independent School District - Dual Public School and CommunityLibrary

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Library Computer Lab Use

The library computer lab is accessible during school hours. Students must have an Internet use permission slip on file with the school or librarian. See "AUP section" for additional information.

Monroe County School District - Acceptable use policy

- AUP Spanish

- AUP Teachers

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Study Hall Use

Students using the library for study hall will abide by all posted rules and procedures. Consult the student manual for conduct details.

Meridian High School - Library procedures

Edgerton Middle School - Study hall rules

Longfellow School - “Sunrise” study hall

Library Girl: An Information Super Hero - A librarian's story

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Created By Mary M. Silgals
April 17, 2004