Caesars Head photo
The great peak named Caesar's Head dominates the landscape in the northwest corner of Greenville County. Located along the border between North and South Carolina, the mountain was revered by the Cherokee, and its wooded slopes became the source of timber and recreation for South Carolinians in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Postcard view, around 1910." Courtesy of the South Caroliniana Library.

To better understand the process read through all the stages before linking to the web pages or beginning your work.

First Stage:

Explore the web links below and answer the questions provided on this
worksheet .

    2. Go to the South Carolina Naturally web page. Here you will see links to the different landform regions. Click on each to learn about the different regions in South Carolina. Make sure that you click on the Geologic Goodie link. South Carolina Naturally

Second Stage:

In this exercise, you will read about the Allendale expedition, a volunteer field program in South Carolina, and learn more about the native Americans who lived in South Carolina.

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Third Stage:

The final stage of this project is to take what you have learned and write a story about what you would think daily life in an Indian town would be like. Select from one of the tribes that exists in South Carolina today. The story should read as realistic fiction and be at minimum of two pages in length.