"The Sandhills of South Carolina marked the edge of the ancient ocean shoreline nearly 55 million years ago in what is now South Carolina. The Sandhills today form a band that separates the Midlands and Piedmont from the Coastal Plain, running through parts of Aiken, Lexington, Richland, Kershaw, Sumter and Chesterfield Counties." Courtesy of the South Caroliniana Library.

You live in one region of South Carolina. Are you familiar with the five other land regions of South Carolina and the characteristics that distinguish them? Where did the Indian nations reside? What is meant by the term "petroglyph"? Where can they be found in South Carolina? Have you wondered what life would be like living in an Indian village?

You will be given several Internet resources to help you with your research to find answers to the above questions. You will work individually for this project. Your task is divided into three stages.

First Stage:

You will learn about the six landforms of South Carolina and the different characteristics of each.

Second stage:

You will learn about the Native Americans and where they lived and read about the archaelogical digs taking place in South Carolina.

Third stage:

You will use the illustrations provided and write about what you think a day in the life of a Native American would be like.

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