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Welcome to the New Teachers' Corner

February is African American History Month. James Bryan, a representative from Pearson Publishing, graciously sends via the South Carolina library listserv a comprehensive African American History resource page which provides web lessons and information sites to be used by teachers in their classrooms. The pages can be viewed here Thanks to James Bryan!

Inservice Presentation - August 17, 2009

Thanks to all those who attended our library inservice. I appreciated all the wonderful comments and I do hope that you will be able to use some of the new tools that were presented. Please contact me if you wish to have individual training in any of the new technology applications that I presented.  Presentation PowerPoint.

Turning Point Technologies

A new addition to our library are the interactive clickers that were awarded to Trident Academy through a grant from Turning Point Technologies. I have completed three training sessions with the grant team and I would love to help other teachers learn how to use these interactive response cards in the classroom. If you are interested in converting any of your powerpoints into interactive quizzes, please feel free to contact me. Turning Point Grant information. This is a wonderful resource to be used on our SmartBoards and a great resource to get students actively involved in learning.

Bookshare Org

Trident Academy now has a membership to Bookshare Org. This resource provides downloadable books and a text reader to children with reading/print disabilities. Bookshare.Org. This resource is one that can be used only by students and teachers who are registered users. In the near future, I hope to be able to meet with you and explain how it can be used. Meanwhile, if you would like to see the program demonstrated, please come by the library.


Teachers, remember Quia. Password and login name is available in the library if you have forgotten it. Quia provides you with a place where you can create your own educational games, quizzes, and surveys. Quia. This is a wonderful resource to be used on our SmartBoards.


BrainPop provides hundreds of animated movies according to national standards for K-8 students. Each movie is accompanied by a 10 question interactive quiz, comic strip, timeline, and printable activity page.

I received positive feedback from several teachers after they tried out the trial subscription to BrainPop last spring. The library now has a subscription to this service. The contract allows for the school to access the BrainPop web site 35 times in one day. In other words, each time a teacher logs onto the site, it is counted as an access. Passcodes will be provided to all teachers. For more information check out the teachers' information at BrainPop. In addition, we have this year added BrainPop, Jr. for our lower school students and teachers. BrainPop, Jr. It's a great resource for our SmartBoards and the students love Annie and Moby!

ETV Streamline SC

A wonderful resource is ETV Streamline SC. Formerly available only by satellite television, ETV now provides its catalog of video resources through Internet web streaming. Hundreds of ETV educational productions and State Department of Education approved K-12 programs and Discovery Education's digital library of more than 30,000 video clips are available for free. Videos are correlated to SC State K-12 curriculum. These videos may be downloaded to the school's server and burned to a CD. Copyright permits the school to keep dowloaded/ burned CDs for 5 years. For more information, visit ETV Streamline SC.


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