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Welcome to our Social Studies web site on the 1900s. 
Our classwide project for the rest of the school year will be to research each of the decades in the 1900s.  I will be showing the students step-by-step how to complete this project by example.  In fact, I will be covering 1900-1909 myself.  I am planning for each student to create a Movie-Maker slide show or a PowerPoint presentation to showcase his/her research.
The left column links to two additional pages.  The first link contains a link that will take you to the students' worksheets.  The second link takes you to our class photos.
I hope that this academic culminating activity will help prepare and teach your child some of the skills he/she will need for middle school along with subject content.  Your child will work on and complete this project during class time.  I will be providing them with background information in class along with vocabulary words.  I will also be posting Quia links for your child's review. 
Your participation is needed in discussing with your child what they have learned in their daily research and guiding them in their initial selections of categories and topics to research. 

Here's your first task. 
Read the whole task before you do anything.  You will click on the link to your decade that is listed on the right side column.  When you arrive on the website, you will find that information is put into several categories:
  1. Events of the Decade
  2. Who's In
  3. Who Died 
  4. Bad Guys
  5. What's In
  6. Entertainment
  7. Music
  8. Literature
  9. Art
  10. Fashion
  11. Media
  12. Money
  13. Religion
  14. Science
  15. New Slang Words

Out of these fifteen categories, you will select 10 that you want to explore. 

Now click on the worksheet link below and click "save" the document to your desktop.  You will want to change the name of your document to your last name and template.

You will open the document and type or "copy and paste" the names of the 10 categories that you want to research.

Minimize the worksheet on your computer.  Now you can click on the link to your decade. Choose the categories that you want to explore.  Remember to "Save" the worksheet document before quitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second task: 

You will now choose two topics from each of your 10 categories that you want to research. 

Locate your decade worksheet on which you have chosen the categories you want to explore.

Open the link to your decade.

Type or "Copy and Paste" the topics you choose on your worksheet.

Save your work.  Print a copy of your worksheet to give to Ms. Silgals so she can help you find appropriate web sites to explore.


Links to the decades:

1900 Ms. Silgals

1910 Sara Frances

1920 Sea

1930 Rachel

1940 Jared

1950 Abby

1960 Caroline

1970 Bayleigh

1980 Auburn

1990 Lexi

Here's Ms. Silgals' selections.  Your worksheet will look similar but with some different category choices and topics from your decade.

Ms. Silgals' Worksheet on 1900-1909

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS