An Introduction to Robots

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You have just joined a robotics technology club. You will be working with a team of experts on robots.  All you know about robots is what you have seen in the movies.  It's time to expand your horizons and learn more about the history of robotics, what types of robots exist, and how they are used.

You and your friends often go to action-packed movies that showcase robots in them.  Have you every asked yourself how did the creators come up with their ideas in order to create the robots in the first place? Who created the first robots? How are robots used other than for entertainment? How can you make your own robot?  There are several places you can go to purchase robot kits, and even the Internet provides places where you can practice building a robot, but first you need to know more about robots. 
You will be given several Internet resources to help you with your research. You will work both both in groups and individually for this project. Your task is divided into four stages.
Stage One
In your assigned group, you will learn the history of robots from the past, present and future.
Stage Two
In this stage, you will explore more about the different types of robots and how they are used.
Stage Three
In this stage, you will work independently and explore websites that show you how to manuever and create robots on the Internet. Also, for you to explore are links to different companies that offer robot kits for sale.
Stage Four
In the final stage, you will write a short paper on what you have learned to present to the class during the class discussion on this webquest.

See how a movie special effects technician turns a model into a movie robot.  After you view the video, click on the Process navigation button in the left column to continue the webquest.


Go to the navigation bar and click on Process to continue.

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
May 29, 2009