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boy and girl wading in water       

You live next to a tidal marsh, where you fish, catch shrimp, gather oysters and crabs, play in the pluff mud, and go out into the estuary in your boat and check out the dolphins. But you notice changes. Some years the fish don't bite, some years there are more turtles than you can count. So you want to figure out why things change and how animals and plants live together in this tidal marsh ecosystem.

You will be given several Internet resources to help you with your research. You will work both in groups and individually for this project. Your task is divided into three stages.

First Stage:

In your assigned group, learn about the biotic organisms and abiotic features of the tidal marsh ecosystem and food web.

Second stage:

Each member from your group should choose an organism which fits in one of the following categories in the tidal marsh ecosystem and explore its position in the food web. Note how its presence or absence in the ecosystem affects the food web.

    producer        consumer (predator/prey)        decomposer

Third stage:

Working with your group, develop a class presentation to show the interactions in the tidal marsh food web and how they relate to the environment.

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