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My Stuff or Where I Try to Stay Organized


What's New?

Here is where I will make an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the presentation or new materials.
11/4/11 - Added SCISA Teacher presentation, Librarian Workshop, Upstate Tech, & OG presentations
10/1/10 - Added SCISA Teacher presentation
9/6/10 - Added SCISA Librarian workshop Presentation
9/6/10 - Added Upstate Technology Presentation (available also at Greenville County Schools web site)
4/26/10 - Added PAIS Presentation
4/26/10 - Added SCASL Presentation

11/5/09 - Added tab for SCISA Presentation
5/28/08 - Added link to my OG Conference Presentation.

SCISA Presentation on APPs - November 4, 2011
SCISA Librarian Workshop - September 2011
Orton Gillingham - April 29 & 30, 2011
SCISA Presentation Web 2.0 - November 5, 2010
SCISA Library Workshop - September 2, 2010
PAIS Presentation - April 19, 20010
SCASL Presentation - March 26, 2010
Powerpoint - Favorite new web 2.0 tools


Reluctant Readers Presentation
SCIDA - October 27, 2007
SCISA - November 2, 2007
SCASL - March 13, 2008

Presentation for SCASL and SCIDA Link for SCISA presentation is at above tab

Teacher/Library Orientation - August 14, 2008


It's been a few years now since I created this place to store "my stuff."  I still have way too much information that I have created, and most is stored on my computer or on my server space. Sometimes, I forget the names of the numerous files and presentations, but I no longer have to search endlessly for them now that they have this home. I did what Jane Austen suggested that the Elliots do in Persuasion, I "retrenched."  In my case, retrenching is to make this the home of all my "important" links and documents. I hope you can use this information to further educating your own colleagues and students. I only ask that when you use these materials that you do credit the source! Drop me an e-mail and let me know the response you receive or if you have any questions.

On this home page, you will find access to my favorite links, conference presentations, a page about myself, and of course, the photos I take when I am traveling. 

See contact information below.

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS, M.Ed

Please contact me with any comments or reactions to these materials.

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS, M.Ed. in Technology