Sending Students to the Library

Students coming to the library from a classroom must bring a signed and dated pass from his/her teacher. The librarian will sign the pass and will include the time at which the student entered and left the library. If the librarian is not available, the student will use the sign-in/sign-out sheet on the librarianís desk. The librarian will determine the number of students that can be accommodated in the library at a given time. Students may be returned to his/her classroom if the library is ďfull.Ē

Mt. Ararat High School - Library passes and use

Graham High School - Library procedures and use

Robert E. Lee High School - Instructions to teachers

Mount Carmel High School - Example of procedures and limitations

Hall Pass - Microsoft template

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Scheduling Classes in the Library Media Center

Classes coming to the library are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Reservation forms are located in the teacherís lounge, main office, or by scheduling directly with the librarian. A copy of the studentsí assignment should be attached to the reservation form. Indicate on the reservation form if the librarianís assistance will be needed and the number of library days this assignment will need for completion. Indicate whether the student will need to use print and/or Internet sources. A materials reservation form is available from the librarian to place books on reserve for a specific student/teacher. Indicate on the materials form whether a student may checkout materials related to the research topic before the final project is due.

Brunswick High School - Instructions to teachers

Graham High School - Collaboration form

Graham High School - Librarian's posted instructions

Muskogee High School - Example of monthly online schedule

Downers Grove North High School - Example of online scheduling

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Created By Mary M. Silgals
April 17, 2004