Types of Scheduling

Fort Bend ISD Libraries, Fort Bend,Texas - Definitions

Fixed Schedules

Fixed scheduling: Assures every pupil access to the LMC on a regular basis, usually once a week or once every two weeks. Class sized groups of pupils are accompanied to the LMC by the teacher for an assigned period of time. Time is provided for returning of books, selecting and checking out other books, and perhaps to engage in a literary activity. Flexible scheduling time is limited. This is not the best time for library instruction, research, and other learning activities. These activities work best using the flexible schedule because adequate time can be scheduled.

Doug Johnson - an advocate of fixed schedules

Open (mixed) scheduling

Open (mixed) scheduling: Provides time throughout the day for individuals and small groups to pursue their various interests and needs. This may be any time during the school day, with teacher permission. It may also be before or after classes, without teacher permission, if pupils have access to the building.

French Hill - Example of elementary use of mixed scheduling

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Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling: Provides time and space in the center for groups of pupils to engage in any activity assigned by the teacher. The teacher plans with the librarian ahead of time to assure availability of space, facilities, and materials at the specified time. The group may be a whole class or part of a class. Activities may include research, library skills instruction, use of listening tables, etc. If the group is a whole class, they are to be accompanied and supervised by the teacher. (See “Flexible Scheduling” for additional information).

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April 17, 2004