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Best Comic Books

Bio Poem for teens

Research has been done which supports the use of particular kinds of fonts for readers who struggle with letter descrimination.  The following two links have more information on this research and suggestions as to what fonts are best for these readers.

Fonts that support special readers

Fonts used to support struggling readers - Stone Arch Article

Getting to Know You

Library Survey

Magazines for Reluctant Readers

Miscellaneous Links

Online Books

Parent Activities to Encourage Reading

Poetry Books

Publishers of High Interest/Low Readers Books


Selection Criteria

Series, Sequels and Trilogies

Teacher Activities

Ten Gifts that Encourage Reading

Topics that Excite Kids

Twenty Five Ideas to Encourage Reading

The above list is the handouts that were discussed at the conference.
If you cannot find the materials we discussed or have a question about any of the above, you may email me at the following address:


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Last updated March 10, 2008