About The Industrial Revolution and its Inventors

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We are going to study ten of the most significant inventors who spurred the Industrial Revolution in America. You will be given several Internet resources to help you with your research to find information about your inventor. You will work individually for this project. Your task is divided into four stages.
First:  You will use the links to locate information about your inventor.
Second:  You will read about your inventor.
Third:  You will take notes about your inventor.
Fourth:  You will create an Inventor Card.

To better understand the process read through all the stages before linking to the web pages or beginning your work.
Stage one:
Click on the Inventors link at the top of the page. Locate your inventor.
Stage two:
Read about your inventor and take notes.
Stage three:
Go to the handouts page and print a copy of the Inventor Card
Stage four:
Complete your inventor's card.  Make sure you include a photo.

These ten inventors each had a unique idea.  Together, these inventions contributed to the growth of a great nation.  Who are the great inventors of this century?

Today's Assignment

Choose an inventor. 
Locate the inventor's page and explore some of the links.

Tomorrow's Assignment

Print a copy of the Inventor's Card.
Fill in the information in the blanks and print a photo of the inventor.

Next Week's Lesson

Changes in Politics and Society

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
November 9, 2007