About The Industrial Revolution and its Inventors

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The Amana Community, in Iowa, settled in 1855, was an example of a perfectionist communal society whose early experiments in alternatives to the industrial exploitation of workers, and to the disruption resulting from the industrial revolution, survive today as a manufacturing corporation. Amana's origins were in the millennial traditions of German pietistic religious sects.

Handouts - For Inventor Research and InventionTimeline
By posting handouts here, I won't have to worry about lost papers, mine and students. The information students need will always be at their finger tips.

The Inventors Profile card is at the link below.  Students will fill this form out as they read about the inventor.
Lists of inventors, inventions and years are available also at the links below. 

Inventor's Profile Card

The objective of this exercise is twofold.  Students will learn about the proliferation of American inventions that took place during the years between 1800 and 1899.  Students will gain skill in classifying information and arranging events in chronological order on a graph (time line).
Materials needed (which I will provide):
Index cards
Clothes pins
Markers, pens
1. String a cord along one of the walls in the hall
2. Mark off sections of ten years each, starting with 1800
3. Assign inventions to students.  Each invention is to be pasted from list onto card.
4. Using the clothes pins, hang the cards on the line at the appropriate places.  If two or more inventions have close dates, strings of different lengths may be hung from the horizontal cord.
Classifying information:
1. Print out the classification chart
2. Present each invention from cards
3. Write the invention in the proper column  on the sheet
Here's the list of inventors and the inventions to create our timeline. 

Classification Chart

Inventors, Inventions and Year

Here is the word document with the years for the cards.

Page with years for cards

Class Survey on Webquest

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS
November 9, 2007